Change the way you Ro-ward!

 RowersResource offers two unique awards that are sure to impress

Oar lock plaque:  Genuine antique brass sweep oar lock, mounted by its original pin, on a hard wood base.  Includes engraving either directly into the wood via laser or on a brass plate.   Choose either port or starboard.  Each lock is different and all are quite worn, but all have functioning gates.    These oarlocks scream “Thank you” or “Congratulations” to a rower or coach better than any token we have ever seen.   Old-school alumni, who used such equipment, especially appreciate the history that drips from each of these.  Not surprisingly, we have a limited number of these and will offer them only as long as our supply lasts.

$175 each



Engraved Top Bolts:  The humble, yet oh so important lynch pin of every rigger.   We polish the tops of our top bolts and engrave right on them.  Sold in matching pairs, typically one bolt stays with the team in a boat for all to see, and one is handed to the person recognized as a keepsake.  The keepsake bolts are drilled and come set up as a key ring. 

This is a subtle and very classy way to recognize athletes and donors without putting stickers all over your boats.   

Pictured is a Vespoli top bolt, which have the largest heads in the business.  They have plenty of room for the recipient’s  name and a title for the award running in a circle around the outside and then a year or season in the center.   Pococks are smaller, but still engravable, Hudsons (Too small) and boats that use nuts instead of bolts are not engravable. 


$40 per pair. 

COVID-19 Sale.  

With all the bad news about COVID-19 we wanted to be part of some good news.  Up until September 1st, 2020 we will offer a free coxbox headset rebuild for each charging station in a new product.   For crews not using coxboxes we will install one free mount for each 5 paid for.   So that means if you buy a case or cabinet that charges 8 coxboxes, we will credit you for 8 free headset rebuilds (no expiration date on these repairs) and if you buy a case or dock that charges just performance monitors (NK, ActiveTools, or CoxMate) pay for 5 charging mounts and get the 6th one free. 

Sharing headsets is just plain yucky.   Dig out those static filled old headsets and let us rebuild them for you so that you can give one to each coxswain and stop the sharing.