Whether it is a demo that has made a few spring break trips, trade in Cases, or parts we no longer use, we are happy to pass on valuable gear at big savings.

Reconditioned CoxCases:  We have a limited number of Gen 1,2, and 3 Cases that have been traded in by crews looking for  newer, larger, or custom Cases.  While each Case is different, all have up graded microphone storage pouches, exterior charging ports, both car and wall chargers, and a grease bottle.  Each has been thoroughly checked over and come with the lifetime warranty on the outer shell and our commitment that the charging system will perform as designed.  Beyond cosmetic wear and tear, these are great Cases that will go the distance.   $350 each.  Contact us for availability or to put your name on the list for the next one that comes up. 

R4 Housings: We have quite a few surplus R4 Housings that were once used in our Cases.  These are original NK parts that have been installed once in a CoxCase.  Minimal wear and tear, no missing parts.  These are ideal for improving the strain relief in your shells...provided that you regularly grease your plugs.  Each order comes with a RR bottle of grease.   $3 each. 









Chargers for old style NK coxboxes.   If you need chargers for your old style [metal can} coxboxes, these are the best you will find.  Regulated, switch mode, laptop style power supplies, these chargers will outlast your coxboxes... or we will send you another.  $10 each.   For only $5 each, we will add

additional plugs [up to 6].  Pictured is a charger with 3 plugs for $20

Note:  These chargers will not work well with the newest coxboxes. 

Other trade-ins:  Our sport is growing rapidly and we often have crews asking to trade in older gear for larger and newer gear.  We are more than happy to take trade ins and that older gear will get a once over and end up here on our bargins page:

XL Dock:   This dock is one of our first and came from a crew that has shifted towards GPS rather than XL's.  

Other trade in gear: (call or email for prices and availability as all of this gear can go out as demos.   All of this gear can be sold as is, or be reconfigured to hold/charge different gear)

6 Station XLdock- Very similar to the one pictured above but with 6 stations. Clear coated wood finish.

8 Station XLdock-  An 8 Station version of the one pictured above.  Clear coated wood finish.

5 Station XLdock- Wall mounted, but rather than a flat panel this one tilts the XL's at you on a 45 deg angle.   This could be rather easily modified to hold coxboxes.

8-12 Station GPSdock-  Currently configured with 8 charging mounts, but has room for four more.  Black laminate.

CoxCase:   This is a mis-ordered case, built to hold and charge 4 NK minis and 4 XL's.   Brand new, never used.  This CoxCase could be reconfigured to hold GPS.

COVID-19 Sale.  

With all the bad news about COVID-19 we wanted to be part of some good news.  Up until September 1st, 2020 we will offer a free coxbox headset rebuild for each charging station in a new product.   For crews not using coxboxes we will install one free mount for each 5 paid for.   So that means if you buy a case or cabinet that charges 8 coxboxes, we will credit you for 8 free headset rebuilds (no expiration date on these repairs) and if you buy a case or dock that charges just performance monitors (NK, ActiveTools, or CoxMate) pay for 5 charging mounts and get the 6th one free. 

Sharing headsets is just plain yucky.   Dig out those static filled old headsets and let us rebuild them for you so that you can give one to each coxswain and stop the sharing.