Winter 2019-20

Winter BOGO.

Get ready for spring with Buy One, Get One free Coxbox headset plug repairs until the end of February.  


We currently have a shrinking supply of demo gear available.  Thinking about a dock or a case?  Why not try one for a while and see what a difference it makes for your team?  


Traveling overseas?   We have the ultimate overseas travel case to loan out to any US crew headed abroad.    Currently configured for a US crew traveling to the Royal Henley Regatta, this case can charge all of your US gear (coxboxes, GPS, cell phones, cameras, etc) off of a single power supply.   Name your destination, cover the shipping and we will take care of the rest.

Welcome to ROWERS' RESOURCE.   Our mission is to be a resource of solutions to problems encountered by coaches and rowers.   Most of our attention right now is focused on addressing the challenges large teams face in charging, transporting, storing, and maintaining the growing number of electronic devices that keep a rowing team going.    That said though we are always mulling over ideas that will make maintaining equipment easier and keeping a coach's eyes on the crews and off of the equipment.

Demo Days:   We have demos for your winter/spring training trips!   Want to try out a CoxCase or XL/GPSCase for your race trips this Winter/Spring?   Email us and we will set you up.

COVID-19 Sale.  

With all the bad news about COVID-19 we wanted to be part of some good news.  Up until September 1st, 2020 we will offer a free coxbox headset rebuild for each charging station in a new product.   For crews not using coxboxes we will install one free mount for each 5 paid for.   So that means if you buy a case or cabinet that charges 8 coxboxes, we will credit you for 8 free headset rebuilds (no expiration date on these repairs) and if you buy a case or dock that charges just performance monitors (NK, ActiveTools, or CoxMate) pay for 5 charging mounts and get the 6th one free. 

Sharing headsets is just plain yucky.   Dig out those static filled old headsets and let us rebuild them for you so that you can give one to each coxswain and stop the sharing.